Saturday, January 9, 2010

Manga Reviewer Appears

Yo, sup I'm cloudsora this is my first post I'm now one of the contributors. I bet the first thing you noticed was my spelling is nice XP. Sry I had to nick.
But yeah to the point I will most likely review alot more manga than I will anime because I finish off a series in a short time I like to power my way through. I'm keeping it brief because I'm off to get Higurashi volume 4 at the store in a couple minutes but by the end of tomorrow I should have a manga review up so look forward to it.

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otakunick said...

hey man glad to have you abord and that higarashi review will go great with the ryukushi 07 genarol serres review Il be doing pretty soon this way the readers can get a compar and contrast betwen the manga and anime atlest for higarashi