Friday, January 8, 2010

first thouts on Omamori Himari

I wasint exspecting to mutch frum this anime and i was happaly saprised besides the obveus fanservus that in the anime thar seems to be a god story that gos alog with it the animeation is not the greatest thar is but its good anuph for the show and the musice is fun to sition to one of the only complants i have is why the fuck dus the main chariter looks like jesus yamato(kria yamato )from gundam seed I meen they look so alike they cud be twins (hey thats it yuuto is the missing bruther of kira and cagoli from seed) but besides that thats abowt all the problums I have with the show besides the detals of the demons or shud I say lak thar off

over all I gave it a 7 (yea I now all the anime from this new season have goten 7s but unlike the others I think this one will just stay at 7

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