Friday, January 22, 2010

retern of the lost post

yea you read that right this is the lost green green rant my good freand cloudsora fowndthis in my draft arkive and told me abowt it so Im posting it and Im so happy I didint loss this forever

okay just alil whiol agow I was on 4chans /a/ bord and sum how one of the theads maniged to get going abowt green green well this brout back tarabol imgs from when a freand of mine lent me the DVDs that he got at AB09 just abopel weeks befor ofcores I didint think that my freand was gana give me what he did and yes he did wron me abowt it but he forgot to menchon a sertun seen that has scard me for life and still leves me tarafide of bears and no I not scard thel eat me Im scard thar gana rape me thats right among all the sexule themes in this anime good old beastialaty wasint forgoten infact it head acopel seens in this so called anime and befor you get intarested no it wasint a girl that got raped by bears it was the main chariters 3 freands and if i cud find the seen on youtube Id put it up hear but the best I cud find was the op but trust me this is not an anime to watch when in public I made that mastake I watched the first disc on the train on my way to class and dear god I was so fucking lucky no one looked at what I was watching becuse if they did I wood probly be in jail for watching it in public but the werdist thing is dispit it mentoly scaring me for life I cudint stop watching it I have no clue why but once you start green green you cant stop

witch is werd becuse thar is absalutly nuthing in the anime that makes you think you shud cuntinue watching I think it just lors you in at a primol LVL just like how no guy can resist watching porn once you see it you cant look away its the same with green green it s not derected to any adiuns its derected right to the labito I say this becuse the intier story was cundensed into the last 2 EPs leveing us with nuthing but 3 guys going after girls wall this werd time travol chick gos after the main male eatch and evry EP the sadist thing is wat lil story they head if givein proper develupment had the makeings of a great love story one of witch youed exspect from KEY(youl soon lern just how badly I love KEYs work)but they just leve it as it it over all im not gana say avode green green but Im not saying go out and watch it this time its all up to you guys but be wornd BREAR RAPE

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