Friday, January 22, 2010

K-on live house OVA

well evryone I just finished watchig the new k-on OVA properly named live house and what can I say I liked it I know I havint dune a proper k-on review but I figerd with season 2 on its way Il get that in with the first thouts on season 2 so itl be a 2 in one review but for now lets just consentrat on this review

the first thing that cout my eye was this OVA dus not have its own OP or ending them it barows the second haff OP from season one as well as the ending theme on its own thats not that bad to have sum familer music but sadly this OVA suffers in the music department dont get e wrong I love k-ons music hell its one of the only musivc based anime I like but I wood have liked to hear atlest one new song but sadly thats wasint in the cards for this anime so I have to take this nagativ into my desistion later on

dispite not adding anything new in the sound department this OVA was just as injoyabol to watch as season one yui is still a cute idot mio is still shy when it comes to praforing mugi is still her ushawell rich girl self same with richan shes still hyperactiv and asunyan is still the cuteist mix of mio and yui witch i absalutly love thow you see mor mio in her in the OVA then yui

and know on to the story it seems to bick up arownd the end of Xmass and right befor newyars and the girls are invited to to a live show in this locole undergownd music club and ofcors mio whated to refuse but was cunvins to go by the others and well thars not mutch after that they just get reddy to play then play like one wood exspec but thats not the pont of the ova thew out the intier thing I notesed that the girls wer admiering how serus the other bands wer abowt playing so I belive this OVA was less abowt seeing the girls befor season 2 starts and more abowt seting them up to be more sereus abowt the band(well as serus as thows girls can get) witch I like to see thows that now me now I wasint the most thrild the way the second haff of season 1 whent (its was pretty mutch the same as the first haff but with a new girl) so Im relly glade the OVA is acholy seting the girls up to make sum progress over all I give k-on live house 8 loli band girls out of 10

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