Tuesday, March 2, 2010

chars deleted affair manga review

I guys sorry for being late this week schools relly hiting me hard right now but anyway I got my hands on a relly good gundam manga sum of you know how big of a gundam fan I am its kinda obveus from the way the blog looks right now well I fownd the chard deleted affair a manga that takes place between the events of mobile suit gundam and zeta gundam and falows char as he gos from MS gundams char to zeta gundams quotrow many of you that have seen bolth anime now that char hid himself in the AEUG as lutenit quotrow well as i just sed this manga takes blace right inbetwen staring at the end of jabaro and cuntinuing onword to a pont whar Im not shore becuse I havint finished it Im curintly at chapter 18 and alot of stuff has happend introduction of zeta and ZZ cast members sutch as reberto and appoly from Zeta and mashima from ZZ hell its hinted to the humen cloneing project that made puru and puru II but the bigist pont in this manga was to give hamon karn more chariter depth and it relly delevers on that I meen seeing her as a 14 to 15 year old girl and seeing how mutch she truely chard for char relly exspalns how she became what she did when he up and left her (on a lil side not if you do the math that haman was 14 in UC 0079 and she appers UC 0085 she was no more then 19 during the events of zeta ans no more then 20 during ZZ relly messes with you huh when I first watched zeta I picherd her to be as old as char 20 to 25 but nope) Il be doing a full review as soon as I can find the rest of the manga until then just be pashint okay guys

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