Monday, February 22, 2010

its rely hear guys unicorn gundam ep one review

hey guys I just got dun watching the new unicorn gundam OVA and guys ITS FUCKING GREATthis may replace zeta gundam as my favret gundam show and hers he kicker its only 6 fucking eps with a ruing time of 60 min each hell the only way this cud get better is if tamino himself wrote the script but he didint

hears the rundown unicorn gunddam is Set 3 years after the events of Char's Counterattack (UC 96 CCA happend in UC93) a young man is caught in a deadly conflict between the Earth Federation and Terrorist Organization "The Sleeved"(mostlikely remnents od neo zeon)as they battle for an object that is said to have changed the course of Human history.

Based on the Novel written by popular Japanese author Harutoshi Fukui.

I cant relly tell you mutch abowt the story becuse honistly I know shit aowt it Iv been tring to get the novels for a number of years now(to no avel so if anyone has them in a zip file lease send them to me) so all the info I have are from blogs, forums, and podcast but if thars anything I can say its this if you cunsiter yourself a gundam fan you need to watch this is you cunsiter yourself a mecha fan you need to watch this the animeation is stuning I was litaroly speech less after watching this I went in thinking Id get alot os screen caps for the review I got three after that I completly forgot I was watching on my mac it pulled me in so mutch I meen since Im a be UC fan i new id like it but not sice the end of zeta have i been this pulled into a gundam hell not sice clannad after story have i been this pulled in to a anime right off the bat you care for the cast evin the ones that havint been named in the OVA yet and the mecha desin is just amazing anyone the bilds models will now the name kaitoki from the ver kai kits he desines well evry MS is a ver kai and god if it dusint look good

so over all I give mobil suit unicorn gundam 10 gundams!!!!!! out of 10

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