Saturday, March 13, 2010

spesiol showing of working

well guys this is the first time Iv inconterd a erly showing of an anime as sum of you mite alredy now working the new comady/slice of life by A-1 pictures inc isint due to hit the air till 4/4/2010 but for sum resun they desied to aire the first ep erly most likely to amp up the hype for the reguler permer witch may or may not be the same EP as this one if you remember back macross F did sumthing simaler right befor it aird thow that was parsholy due to it being macrosses 25th aniversary that year the the end resolt was a masive serg of vewers flocing to watch the first EP agen thow the reguler tv airing was missing a seen of alto flying shirly arownd the consert hall

well anupg of me talking abowt indasrty stuf lets get to the show it self working is a show that seems to be senterd arownd 2 people a 17 yearold girl that looks like she beongs in midol school named Taneshima, Poplar and a self proclamed mimicon(aprintly thata a lover of all things small, cute and helpless so you cud say chibicon too) named Takanashi, Souta as they work in a family restaurant in Hokkaido(if you whant the full bio clik the link above) and I can tell you just from this first ep I am going to be watching this anime in full its well drown te musice iss good the VA fit the chariters and voice them well makeing the comady hit hard and gives the cast a sence of life so pasicly what Im saying is that as of right now working gets 8 mimicons out of 10

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