Saturday, June 26, 2010

Went to Harvard Square with my fellow Otaku Home staff

Thats right Curt aka cloudsora messaged me the day before yesterday asking if I wanted to come with him and Rich aka Aareate, and Alan(not a staff member) to Tokyo Kid in the Garage Mall at Harvard SQ. Of course I said yes, me being out of school and taking some personal time before I begin hunting for work as a photographer I had the time so we met at 1:30 today. Well that was the plan if theres one thing that makes me worry for Curt's future it's that even if he's making the plans he has the innate ability to be late (though not by much). So we get on the train and head in, nothing worth while happened on the ride in just us talking so Curt started playing his new MGS Peace Walker for his new PSP (lucky S.O.B.).

So anyway when we got to Harvard SQ we headed right for Tokyo Kid and god do I love it there! We don't really have that many anime specialty stores here in MA which is always a bummer but the ones we do have are nice and Tokyo Kid is definitely one of my favorite stores (its just to bad whenever I go I never have as much muney as I'd like to have to get the MG models). Well I myself had $30 on me today (from selling the Beck manga I don't read to Curt) so i couldn't really get much but I did manage to get some stuff I've wanted. First off a Celestial Being phone strap from Gundam 00 which is all I got at Tokyo Kid but after that we went to the Newbury Comics next door where Curt proceeded to buy (6) almost every boxset in the store (including some I'd love to get my hands on myself) because they were cheap (120.00 exact) but I did manage to get something there; the first 3 volumes of the Chobits anime and if you were to ask anyone that knew me they'd tell you I love chobits and clamp in general so I was happy when I got these.


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Hi could u tell me pls which is the model of the cell phone u show in here??
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or tnx a lot, i rally like it