Saturday, June 19, 2010

well that was a short hiatus

no mater how hard I tri I cant leve this site oh well gess I do got sumthing intrasting for you this week and that wood be I resently wotched the pre relese ep of the new season of Sekirei Ironicly dubed pure engagement and I say this is a ironic title becuse its got a dule meening to it IE bolth a fighting wise and love wise witch are to inportent aspects of this aime but befor I get into the new season hears the story behind season one

Minato Sahashi is extremely intelligent, yet due to his inability to cope under pressure has failed the college entrance exam twice. As a result he has been branded an idiot and loser by many. One day after talking to his yet again disappointed mother he comes into contact with a girl named Musubi who was under attack. The girl runs but takes him with her and soon finds that Minato, while unknown to him, is an Ashikabi, one of the mysterious set of masters that have the genetic trait that can become partners with some of the 108 cute girls, buxom women, and bish┼Źnen(cute boy) called "Sekirei". The reason for the partnership allows the Sekirei to use all their power to win in the competition held by the mysterious MBI corporation.

I know not mutch to wrap your brain arownd but the storys got a nother LV of depth to it witch is the main reson im watching season 2 now I gave season 1 a 8 over all but just from the fist ep of season 2 I gave it a 7 witch meens this anime as a hole has the potenchol of a 10 thanks to the deep story that is being claverly hidden beneth the fan sevus (witch mind you thare is a a ton and I meen that in the mesherment scale not just as a play on words)

now for the story behind season 2 its just the cuntinuation of season one lol(did you think thard be another hole Synopsis for a anime with lil to no time skip )

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