Thursday, October 28, 2010

ginga bishoen

you herd me right I sed galactic pretty boy that is what one of the main cast members in this anime is referd to and for good reson to he is as the name inplys a pretty boy but dont let his looks fooly you becuse if you do hel step on you with his gint robot toubarn if you havent alredy gessed from the name drops the anime Im revirewing today is star driver the most fabuluss anime of this season and the newist anime by studio bones

the story is as falows To the south of Japan, there lies a lush green island called Southern Cross Isle. One night, a boy by the name of Takuto Tsunashi washes up on the shore of the island alone. Having swum from the mainland alone and without any possessions, this boy enrolls in the senior high level in the school on the island - Southern Cross High School.

With his bright and positive personality, he starts to mix with various students in the school and builds relationships with many of them, including Wako Agemaki and Sugata Shindou. But this school hides a deep secret. There are sleeping giants hidden under the ground called "Cybuddies".

There are about 20 of these giants, and they are just some of the various secrets kept by everyone on the island: The secret movements of the mysterious organization known as "Kirahoshi Juujidan". The songs of the shrine maidens. And even Takuto himself will soon come to embrace a great secret...

This island in the southern territories surrounded by the blue sea and the blue skies is the stage where the "Eulogy of Youth" filled with love, dreams and friendships, will begin.

im 4 eps into this anime so i have a good feeling on whar its heading and I must say I like it its a funny story and at the same time thares a layer of darknes to it so we know shit will hit the fan and when it duse itl be a big mess for the hole cast

the art is your basic bones art if you watch zmed or elrecka 7 then youl be fermiler with this are not to say its bad infact I love bones art espasholy thare mecha witch since this is a mecha anime is a big facter all the mechs in this anime look relly cool sofare espasholy the leed mecha

the musice is fine with a few exseptions thars this one song that a chariter sings befor and during sum fights that is relly cool and fits relly great as a fight theme but sadly I cant fined it on youtube and as for the op and ends thare not that great not bad but great I find myself skiping it over haff the time

the VA work is good they relly chose good VAs for the cast Miyano, Mamoru prbobly known best as the VA that voiced light from the japanese death note plays the main male Tsunashi, Takuto and I have to say he duse a good job as well as the rest of the cast

over all I have to say this is a watch for mecha and bones fans the story art and music are all good but thars nuthing that relly stands out about star driver beside the odd alius the main chariters hases so I have to give star driver 7 glitering transformations out of 10

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