Tuesday, November 2, 2010

run run as fast as you can

you cant ceach him hes a blue hadgehog lol thats right Im doing a game review and its a bit of a thow back review at this sonic 4 PE 1 is the first instolment of a new 2D sonic game and I have to say im loveing it I was alwas a big fan of sonic atlest up to sonic 3 on the sega Iv never relly like the 3D sonic and that includs unleshed

now with the intro out of the way lets get into the core game play this is a 2D side scroler meeing that your going from left to right and up and down mutch like older mario games but unlike mario you are going exstremly fast (exsept for sum ponts whar sonic team falls back into thare retardation and stick you in a area that takes you 8 minits to figer out whar the fuck your sapost to go and then after that it takes to another 5 minets to get thare) witch is what youv come to know and love abut sonic

the controls are simplistec to the pont al you need to use is the right analog stick and the A button this is bolth good and bad its good becuse its essy to lern but bad becuse thars just to mutch to handol for one butten for instens im runing along and I need to hop onto a platform but thars a enamy ner by over a buttomless pit I hit A to jump onto the platform but it regasters as a dash attack thus I kill the enamy and thusly fall to my death I give them props for makeing the controls simpol but thar are 4 core buttons on the 360s controler most of the people getig this game are use to that set up saga shud have desanated a acton for each butten but thats just one small complant

the level desing is a nice thow back with splash hill and casino rode and they all loock great in HD but like I stated befor this is also whar and I quote zero puchuwation "sonic team falls back into lepresed retardation" by makeing sumthing that takes to all your time to figer out whare you need to go when your only haff way thew the LV once again just a minor grip the bonuse LVs show up as you must navagat a falling sonic thew a maze by rotating the maze itself picking up rings, extra time and if its the first time to the bunuse world one of the 7 chaos emarolds and if its not your fist time that a exra lif its fun and with a little triol and eror youl be geting the emarolds the world hub also looks great in HD and is a snap to get to once you chuse a zone toye given a list of 4 LV in witch you can do(the 4th being blacked out untill you beet the first 3) in ay order and you can go to any zone in any order once you complet the first 3 LVs in a zone you can go to the boss fight with robotnic(AKA eggman for yunger fans) then after beeting him you releses the animols and repet the prosses on the next zone simpol yes but still fun

I menchnd relesing animols in the mast paragraph for the sole reson on telling you about the story this is way I give sonic th bigist props in its perust form sonic has one of the most simpol storys robotnic kidnaps animols inorder to turn them into robots and sonic stops him and then thats it no plot twists or anything like that sum people say thats sonic bigist flaw but looks what happens when they trie to give sonic more story then that we gat games like sonic advancher and shadow the hagdehog sonic is not a icon for a new age hes best in his truest form like pac man and megaman

over all I have to say I like this new sonic game its by far the best sonic game in resent years that Iv played and I thick its well werth the 800 microsoft ponts I spent on it will I spend that mutch for ep2 who knows if looks like it just adding on LVs with out fixing the problums I menchoned no but if they do fix them then I just mite so I have to say for thows that just whant a game to pick up and play befor work DL this game its fun and its essy to pic up and drop if you dont like that then dont DL it ether way its a fun game that deservs a play atlest dl the demo a trie it out

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