Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I know Im being the slowpoke in the room but new fucking beserk anime !!!!

thats right my freands thar is going to be a new beserk anime the reson Its taken me so long to report on this is I whanted to report once it wasint just a rumer but now it has been comfermed

Director Hiroyuki Kitakubo wrote in his Twitter account on Tuesday that he heard that 4[blank]C is making Berserk as a full-CG anime. He added that [blank]°C might be attempting to make an in-house motion capture studio. He prefaced his comments by saying that he apologizes in advance if someone considers what he posts to be confidential information.

i will stay ontop of this and report any new info I get on this new anime
this is a camershol for the 35th VOL of the berserk manga but its also a sampoling of the new animation for the show

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