Sunday, November 14, 2010

thos review will not be 3 times faster

becuse even thow I just saw unicorn gundam ep2 witch deals with a man who may be char going 3 times faster will be bad form so Il go my normol rate

okay with the joke aside I have to say ep 2 was just as good as the hipe ses atlest for a diehard UC fan like myself this ep starts off right whare the 1s ep left off with the unicorn going into distroy mode witch leeds into the first of 2 battals for this ep thats right thare wher only 2 battals and they wher bolth in the first haff of the ep makeing this a chariter driven ep for develapment and exsplasition but thats why I love UC becuse it has a good balince betwen when to fight and when to talk but worry not even thow thar was only 2 fight they wer rely great fights showing off just what we can exspted later on in the next 4 eps and evan confermed sumthing about the unicorn i was whondering about since the end of ep1

now this that out of the way i will now anser the question your all probly whondering is full fruntol char well at the varry lest they have the same VA Ikeda, Shuuichi takes the role of full fruntol and yes inded he looks like chare but sumthing he sed in this ep just put sum dout into my head Banagher "are you the real char" full fruntol "as long as the people need me to be then I will be" this can be taken in a copel ways first is yes I am char the 2nd is no but I play the part becuse thats what the people need ether way he has the same scar that amurogave char but until we get a defanet anser( ie me finding and reading the unicron novels) we at otaku home will not jup to cunclutions

the sound track was just as good at the fist epas well as the voice work and the animation all wher dune exstremly well over all I have to say that this ep of unicron is just as good as the first and you shud go and pick this up today since the ep has been relesed

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