Monday, November 15, 2010

wow I cant beleve what I just read

Thanks to the overly worried nature of the US security teams, pressure has been put on Japan (and a number of other countries) to prevent suspect packages from making it to our shores. As such, no package over 1lb in weight will be shipped to the US as of November 17 unless they have a business license with the Japan Post.

What does that mean for us? Not too much. Other than our government is being a little silly right now.

For all of those worried about getting your plastic figures shipped to you, don't. Anyone who regularly ships as a business is excluded from this measure, meaning that unless you're having a friend buy you a figure and ship it to you, there will be no issues with the product.

What will be affected? Students and ex-pats looking to send items home are going to have a lot more trouble, as they will now have to send larger goods via sea mail, which is subject to a bit more regular inspection. That means shipping food and bombs is going to be a lot more cumbersome, and might not be worth the bother

when I read this story I litarol was holding my sides over how stupid it is yea it for sacuraty but in the long run its not rely gana do mutch good since a majoraty of objects that are used in attackes agest the US are bout hear in the US so in the long run I dont see how helpfull it is but I rely dont care as long as I can still order my models and stuff
sorse japanator

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