Tuesday, December 21, 2010

heading back to school to becom the GTON!!!!!

thats right i am plaining on going back to school why you ask becuse as it stands i am makeing jack shit as a photographer so i figerd id go back to school and get a teaching dergrie and become a photogaphy teacher I know its sounds stubiped but i was thinking about doing this long befor I finished new england school of photography and by the time i did finish i figerd id mess around as a free lance photographer for a copel years and then go back and become a teacher

but sadly it has been over haff a year and iv only had 2 or 3 photo jobs and with the theft of my laptop witch had my intier portfolio on it I cant rely ably for jobs as a photographer so thats why i made the desistion to go back to school

right about know your probly worryed about whats going to happen to the podcast and blog well im not gana lie this will probly effact the podcast the number of eps we do a mutch will probly be become 1 insted for out reguler 2 and we may also be late on releses at times becuse of this but i can pramus you this I will not let otaku home die me and my cohousts have worked to hard to let it die after only 3 months and like alwas otaku home blog will be updated almost on a reguler bases

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