Wednesday, December 15, 2010

otaku home is 90% back online

for thouws that keep up with the home site's news or the facebook page you mite have alredy known that otaku homes main home computer(aka my laptop) was stolen from my home a copel days agow but thankfully i had alredy had a plain to buy a pc tower from my co host curt(aka cloudsora) becuse he had justy got a new pc ofcorse this wasint going to happen till after xmiss becuse he still had alot of stuff on this PC(still duse to) but becuse he was such a good freand he gave it to me sooner on the cundition that I dont tuch his files till he got the chans to move them witch ofcorse I have no problem with doing Im just glade to have a computer agin

so yesterday we set it up and now its time to rebild but your probly thinking but nick what about your photoshop you needint worry about that I know anuph gimp to use it as PS till I can buy cs5 fot this new pc and also this pc will now be otaku home home and with all the housts(sept 1) useing oc I can now have them edit sum of the segments for the podcast aswell witch now that im on a pc I will be working my hardest to figer how the fuck to get that on zune lol and with my new nikon D90 i will bring you guys new and fun HD vids on otaku homes youtube chanol

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Doctor said...

Wow that sucks. At least you got a new pc to work with. Did not get a chance to thank you for the promo. If you need an software advice, show an email or jump on skype. I can help out. Catch you next time.