Saturday, December 4, 2010

okay gianax I love ou but dont you think your doing to mutch

thats right thars another gainax anime in production for next season called houkago no pleiadesthar is almost no info on it (not saprising cunsitering how tight liped gainax is but I do have one pic of intaresting info this is a colabaration project with car maker subaru other then that all i can tell you the names of the Director and Character Designer the director is Saeki, Shouji who worked on such gainax anime as FLCL(director), Hanamaru Youchien(story wrighter for ep7), and gurren lagann( Storyboard eps 2, 5, 23, 25, Script wrighter eps 5, 10-11 and Episode Director for eps 2 and 21) Otsuka, Mai will be the Character Designer mai has worked on such anime as air(Key Animation), Hanamaru Youchien( Character Designer) and evan shakugan no shana(many rols) so needless to say this anime is in good hands but Im whondering whats gainax thinking up untill Hanamaru Youchien thy have only relesed a anime once every coppel of years but this year i count atlest 3 including this one I meen I love gainax and the fact thare makeing more stuff but I think the reson they do so well is becuse of the fact they dont make sumthing evry season I just hop this whont cose a drop in quolaty in story or animation

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