Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 is her at last

hey guys otakunick her on be haff of evrone at otaku home wed like to wish you all happy newyears and at the same time like to say thanks to all my co hosts for last night being my first new yeas being 21 i kinda went a little over boord on my liquer intake dowing 6 or 7 shots of rum 8 finger withs of whiskey and a quorter bottel of sake needless to say i was gone so thanks guys for makeing shore i didint go out my window at any pont and hers to another year of anime, manga, game, movie, book, and music reviews with you guys looking forwerd to next years partty too

PS stay tuned for a list of new anime otaku home will be watching this up comeing winter season as well as reviews of what we have yet to review this season

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