Sunday, January 2, 2011

toradora is geting a US relese but sadly not in the way it desevs

Toradora! , has been licensed for US distribution by NIS America (the video game company). Now they are planning on bringing it to the US, but recent comments by the company indicate they don’t want to take the risk of dubbing to English, are only releasing it in limited print, and online only (no “best buy”). I have seen other anime get similar treatment, but these are significantly lesser made anime. So Toradora! could be doomed to be trapped in the sale group of generic anime, but it could if given the full quality release (including English dub) be in the same sale and fame category as successful shows like Ouran Host Club. So this petition is for NIS to give Toradora! a proper English dubbed US release. I hope to show them there is enough of a market to warrant a dubbing and larger release.

il be watching the evants unfold as time gos on and will be leting evrone know if NIS recunsiters and give toradora a proer dub but even is its sub only i say go out and buy it the day it comes out this is one of the better love storys that iv seen in a long time


Anonymous said...

I loved Toradora! And I think it should be given an English dub, no doubt. Id would for sure buy it if it were,not sure if I would If it wasn't though,since I don't know japanese and would hav to read the subs. Please dub toradora! It's to great to not be subbed........:)

cloudsora said...

I can understand wanting an english dub but you should just learn to be able to read with your peripheral vision I know it can be a hassle if you don't watch much anime but if you watch as much as I do its a necessity.