Friday, January 21, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever and FFXII-2 Trailers

okay hers the deal iv got two trailers hear one if for a game i thought would never come out and one is a game i prayed would never come out

first off is the Duke Nukem Forever trailer i have to say the game play not that impressive but if your gana buy or rent Duke Nukem Forever for the game play your probly not the brightest blob in the bunch but the trailer did inpress me not becuse it made the game look better then its going to be be(tho it probably did do that) but because it poks fun at the game it self and thats the reson to play Duke Nukem to laugh wall playing it and it is for that reason that we have waited for more then 12 fucking years for this game

and the second game trailer is for ff XII-2 now i am not saying ff XII was a bad(thow one of my co hosts would) game so any sequel will be bad i liked the story of FF XII granted the game plat was not the best but i did like the story the reason i never wanted to see a direct sequel to this game is because direct sequels and FF do not mix look at FF X-2 the original FF X was rely good just like XII but X-2 sucked so bad that i cud not for the life of me finish it and i am afreid that that will happen to XII-2

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