Thursday, January 20, 2011

Durarara!! English Dub Highlights and legal Fractale streaming shut down?

hey guys got two story's for you today first off Aniplex just recently put up a vid showcasing sum of there dub highlights for the upcoming Durarara!!! ENG dub now i know i am not rely one for ENG dubs but even i can tell when a animes going to have a good or a bad dub and i have to say tho i was not impressed by the dub i have to say it is by no means a bad dub it is dos not but thats just my opinion hears the vid watch it and let me know what you think

and the second would happen to be that one the production company that makes the new anime Fractale has told its US license holder FUNimationso stop simulcasting for what reason would they have to do that you ask well i will tell you

Fractale was premiered on legal streaming last week. The law of the internet kicked in, and the series was pirated and fansubbed. The Fractale Production Committee requested that FUNimation to halt simulcasting of the series until all illegal streams are wiped from the internet.

know when i heard this i rely cud not help but laugh my ass off over how stupid the company was because stopping the legal streaming will not stop the illegal one in fact they just gave people more of a reason to go to illegal channels to get the latest ep of fractale by remove there only legal alternative this was a real bone head move but the producers and i expect them to rectify there stupidity Farly soon

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