Friday, February 11, 2011

beginners guide to buying anime part 2 (collectibles)

hey guys its been a quite a bit since i did the first one of this new little project of mine so i figged i would give you guys the next interment this time i will be talking about collectibles witch ones are worth it witch ones are not and the best ways to find the ones you want

first let me explainwhat type of collectible i am talking about i am not talking about sum thing like a figma that can be obtained Farly easily i am talking about stuff like film strips and animation cells witch are hard to come by well film strips not so much anymore with the introduction of giving them away to people at screenings of anime movies and in the special edition BD boxes

so wall we are on the topic of film strips il cover thos first yes they are geting esyer to find but they are still good collectible to have and gives any fan that has one sum thing to remember the movie by other then a pamphlet or a ticket stub and the same gos for animation cells they are great pices for any fans colletion tho unlike film strips thes are much harder to find and ushaly cost a arm and a leg to get i have seen a cell of rei ayanami go for over 10 grand so colleting cells isint rely werth it if you find a good deal on one i say go for it but never bankrup yourself for one

now limited edition mechendice can also be a good or a bad thing to have in a collection depending on your beget but are ushaly still much cheaper then a animation cell so thats rely up to you over all if you what to get a collectible just do not go over Bord and put yourself into a hole by getting it and of corse not everything is a good collectible if your buying sum thing like whats in the pic above and thinking it was a good buy you shood see a shrink

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