Wednesday, February 9, 2011

has miyazaki forgotten what era we are in

Famed Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki’s hatred of technology has lately taken on a distinctly survivalist tone – now he is fulminating about how modern technology is robbing the poor children of such crucial life skills such as fire-making and flint-knapping.
He yields the following pearls of wisdom in a recent interview:

The environment children are now in, including our animation, is all virtual. TV, games, email and mobile phones, and even manga, everything we do in other words, they’re all robbing children of power.
Before they learn their letters, we must teach children the essentials, as we have done from the stone age.How to start a fire, keep it burning, put it out, the nature of water, how to climb trees, how to wind rope, use a needle and thread, use a knife. I think the state must teach the children these things before they teach them to tho i do think the skill miyazaki

talking about are good skills to have they are in no way necessary for this generation tho i know how to bild a fire hunt, skin and gut fish and all that i cant for the life of me think of a time when i have absolutely needed to use thos skills yes its in portent that kids learn this stuff in case of emergency but its not so in portent that they need to learn be for they learn to wright because lets face it we live in the world of information sharing and nothings more in portent in this current world then knowing how to communicate

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