Tuesday, March 22, 2011

beginners guide to buying anime part 3 (good anime)

well guys i am back with a nuthere installment of beginners guide to buying anime this time i will be giving a rundown of sum good anime and manga that are all reddy hear in the US but befor i do that let me just quickly tell you what i think makes a good anime or manga

first of it needs to have a good story don't get me wrong it i am not expecting perfection all the time it just needs to properly convey what the writer whats to say sounds easy but there are a lot of horribly executed stories out there next up the charters even if a animes story is great if your charters a uninteresting no one will watch it and the last thing is the art now for me this is the lest in portent thing i can forgive a anime for having bad art if it has a good story

with that that out of the way lets get down to it hers a list of good anime and manga thats out in the US

  1. rurouni kenshin(anime and manga): this is a older anime and manga from the 90s but to this day remains one of my all time favorite the anime is 95 ep tho sadly after the kyoto arc it cot up with the manga and subsequently deviated from the mangas story resorting in a Farly sub par anime ending when compared to the manga witch is 28 vols 
  2. get backers: yet another great anime from the 90s the story tho slow to start is rely great and the cast just makes you want to watch it witchis good because this anime has two seasons bolth of witch are out on DVD(tho by ADV so they mite be hard to find) 
  3. utawareumono: a anime from the the early 2000's witch was based of a action VN(visual novel) is story is rely fun and has a unbelievable plot wist at the end 
  4. yu yu hakusho: do i rely need to say why anyone who watched toonami in the mid 90's knows this was a great anime and with its new think pack box sets it tale up less space on your self and leaves more cash in your wallet being only 21$ a season
  5. outlaw star: just like yu yu hakusho if you watched toonami in the 90's you shud already now just how great this anime is sadly this is one of the harder anime to find even tho there are 2 releases for it 
  6. cowboy bebop: now this show is a must own for all anime fans the story is top class the charters are great and even being mad in the 90's it still looks great

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