Saturday, March 26, 2011

no new news so hears a review of yet another old ass anime iv seen


hey guys like i sed i cud not for the life of me find any interesting news that had has not already been talked about the point that its worth talking about anymore so i thought i would use the down time to tell you guys about another old anime i watched when i was first geting into anime as a hard core otaku

your probably wondering what anime il be reviewing and to answer that question il be reviewing maze of the haze witch was a anime made in the late 90s from Producers: J.C. Staff who brought us Azumanga Daioh as well as director Suzuki, Iku who gave us Moonlight Mile

the story of maz is actually  a Farly interesting one Maze wakes up in her house, everything is a wreck and she has amnesia. Before she can gather what has happened the girl Mill storms into her house thanking her for having saved her life. She tells Maze that her house suddenly fell down from the sky and crushed Mills pursuers under it. However before long they are both on the run from further pursuers who want their hands on princess Mill. They are only saved when Maze discovers that she has phantom light magical powers and can summon Mills family heirloom mecha. However her performance with the mecha is weak; that is until the sun goes down and she is turned in to a lecherous man. Soon other travellers join them as Maze tries to protect Mill and figure out what she is doing in this fantasy world.

the story starts off taking a bit from the wizard of OZ but quickly turns into sum thing completely deferent and just let me say there is sum thing a lot more to the female and male maz then first meets the eye witch Leeds to sum thing completely out of left field in the latter haff of the show but over all its a rely great story

the art is the token 90s art witch i personally love but sum may not all i have to say is if you liked the art of outlaw star then you will probably like this too and the animation quality  is just as good everything flows and detail is not lost during the fights witch is actually sum thing that happens a lot more in newer anime then the older stuff

and just like other animes from the 90s the OST is one to envy with bolth normal and rock scores i especially love the op witch sounds great in bolth its on air length and it full witch i have been playing in a loop wall writing this review

now i am going to end this hear because if i don't i will probably end up typing up a book at this rate so i will just end it by telling you that you shoud go out and get this anime at lest id like to say that but this was not rely one of the most popular anime in the 90s and because of that the DVDs are hard to come buy i don't even have the anime on DVD but if you can find it i say buy it 
becuse you will most likely not get another chance


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