Sunday, May 1, 2011

mylene jenus figure review

hey guys just hear to show off sum thing i got at Anime Boston this year a non scale mylene jenus figure from the macross 7 anime series by by TB(toybook) 

now my compatriots hear at otakuhome thought i was stupid for getting this figure but truth be told i rely got this thing for one hell of a price compared to what its going for on amazon witch mind you is curently $198 plus shipping to where i only played $10 

and i must say i am happy with this figure its just your basic fixed posed figure with base and the paint aps are good only one real flaw theres no lips witch is anime accurate but on a figure its a bit weird  but i like it i am a fan of the show its from and to a lesser existent a fan of the charter herself so i don't rely mind it plus you don't rely notes it unless you look up close and even then a little paint and problems solved granted id rather a basara figure but i can wait to get me a hi-metal VF-19 kai

mylene jenus TB figure

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