Wednesday, June 1, 2011

otakunick anime reviews (blue drop)

  hey guys first off sorry for being so late on the posting my new job has me running around like a mad man and iv had barly anuph energy left in me at the end of the day to take a shower and eat let alone get on hear and type out a review but i am use to it now and will be back on schedule at lest with the blog the podcast is on hold for now just to mutch stuff going on in my life to get every one to geather and do sum thing but thats besides the point

  now then recently i got netflix and iv been watching anime there and they acholy have a lot of good stuff most of witch i have seen but sum i have not and this anime is one of the ones i have not seen blue drop first off let me say this anime is not going to win any awards thow it is defiantly good

  and the storys ware it gets most of its points In 1995, all 800 habitants of the isolated Kamikakushi Island vanished in one night, all but a single girl who lost her memory. The cause of the disappearances was never identified.

Four years later, that girl, Mari, transfers to a girl's dormitory school, Kaihou Gakuen, leaving behind her grandmother who had been her guardian ever since the incident. There, she meets Hagino.

Hagino is the school idol and completes her student council responsibilities flawlessly. The moment she touches Mari’s hand, however, Hagino freaks out, straddling atop Mari, hands aroundher throat. Mari is afraid of and angry at Hagino, who pretends as if nothing had happened while in front of other students, but at the same time, somehow, she is attracted to Hagino too.

In reality, Hagino is actually an alien who was sent to Earth in order to reconnoiter prior to an invasion. The event on Kamikakushi Island occurred when the 200-member crew of a battleship, the Blue, whose captain was Hagino and the island's inhabitants had killed each other. The Blue was seriously damaged and hidden. Hagino had since blended into human society and continued her reconnaissance.
Within her school life, while fighting with fellow students, Mari begins to come out of her shell. Hagino has been living a double life, but her encounter with Mari makes her face human beings, and gradually she begins to have doubts about her mission. While the invasion and war draws closer unnoticed, the girls begin to understand each other.

the art is ware the show gets the rest of the points with a nice mix of CG and draw cells the show rely dose a great job of showing just what it is it whant to show tho thar are sum time whar the CG stick out 

as for the OST thar is almost none to speak of but when ever music did play it wasint bad a bit bland but over all fitting unlike the dub i have to say if netflix had the option to watch anime in japanses with subs id change blue drop over as fast as my fingers cud press the buttons but gess that fact that i finishes the show in the ENG dub is a testament to the story

over all i have to say give the show chans but id sagest looking for the DVDs so you can change it over to to japanese dub but regardless id give this show a watch 



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