Wednesday, June 29, 2011

otakunick anime reviews (dog days)

Well in my last review i was less then enthused about the show i was reviewing but this time I'm going to review an anime that i really enjoyed from the maker of the Nanoha series Tsuzuki, Masaki, that's right today I review Dog Days.

Now way back in the beginning of the season you might remember me doing a first thoughts review on this anime. So I don't need to really get into the story if you never read that review click hear to read it.

But if you have read it you might remember me saying that even though this show starts out happy go lucky and carefree that Tsuzuki, Masaki usually finds a way of darkening the story around the mid to late episodes. As I predicted he would end up doing just that around episode 7 or 8 the show takes a darker tone and keeps it until episode 10 when the major threat is resolved, leaving us with 3 episodes of the carefree show right? Well not exactly though it's not as dark as the final conflict the story ends up throwing us one more curve ball to try and make us feel bad for the male lead. Before ultimately resolving that problem as well so we get the usual Tsuzuki, Masaki happy ending motif.

So what am I trying to say is this show played out just like most of Tsuzuki, Masaki previous shows. It starts out carefree with the lead having a fate-full encounter then shit hits the fan half way through. Then there's a tear-full goodbye then a ray of hope for a Reunion. Formulaic? Yes, but it works for story's like this.

Now I would not say this is a show everyone should just go out and watch, sure I liked it but that is because i like the formula it follows, I liked it in Nanoha and i liked it here. I know though there are a lot of people who do not like it and I can see why they don't. All in all the shows just playing it safe never really stands out to anyone other than its core demographic but I do have to say at least give it a try you never now you may end up liking it as well.

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