Tuesday, June 21, 2011

otakunick sci-fi reviews (Falling Skies)

Hey guys after not watching freaking anime for a while this week and really only having two things to actually talk about I decided to post this. One being the surprisingly good new TNT sci-fi show Falling Skies and two being the barely good enough Green Lantern movie now then I'm sure you know what I'll be review even without looking at the title of this.

That's right Green Lantern... oh what nope, Falling Skies it is lol

Falling Skies tells the story of the aftermath of an alien invasion. It follows a group of survivors who must band together in order to fight back against the invading aliens. The group, known as the 2nd Mass (for "Massachusetts" now do you see why im choosing to review this), is lead by Boston University history professor Tom Mason who, while in search of his son, must put his extensive knowledge of military history into practice as one of the leaders of the resistance movement.

Now the fact that this series takes place in MA is not the only reason i chose to review it over The Green Lantern it really has a solid story and characters and some nice action. The first two episodes did not have the most action in them due to the fact they where more about introducing us to the world and its players which, it did really well as the 2 hour season premier got 5.9 million viewers making it the #1 premier of the year thus far.

Now i cant actually dive to deeply into this series as its just starting but i can say this from the first two episodes alone i have been hooked its a solid start to what appears to be a solid show.

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