Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gundam The Origin to be Animated

Okay everyone that reads this blog or listens to the podcast knows just how big of Gundam fans we hear at otakuhome are and while I don’t think I need to say that we had a negative reaction to Gundam Age because of the direction it took. It's decision to go for the younger demographic and in fact I even thought that sunrise was thinking of abandoning the fans that built up the studio to what it is now since all we've had for serious Gundams as of late was unicorn though great having to wait SEVERAL months at a time for the next ep is a killer. Fear not older Gundam fans we also get a new series much like the kids that will be watching Age now if you didn’t read the title (though I don’t know who wouldn’t read a title before reading a blog post) your probably asking yourself what’s the new gundam for older fans well I’ll tell you my friends as of today June 25th the "Gundam The Origin" manga has been given the green light for an anime. Yeah that’s right in this month’s Gundam Ace magazine sunrise has officially announced that "Gundam The Origin" will be getting an anime and this comes straight from the top from sunrises president Kenji Uchida himself.

Now then some of you who aren’t new fans of Gundam but aren’t exactly the oldest of fans are probably wondering just what is "Gundam The Origin" well it’s a serialized manga in Gundam Ace that started back in 2001 which retold the original gundams story with some slight differences. The real reason I’m so excited about this is because we will be getting a updated version of 0079 in which Gundam fans that want to know where Gundam started but can’t quite handle the old 70s art this is also the first time a Gundam anime will be getting a reboot from a manga.

As I already know the original story of Gundam I’m more looking forward to seeing the slight differences that the origin throws in there such as seeing how Char went from Casval Rem Deikun to Char Aznable and stuff like that. There are some things I’m worried about for instance two of the main characters VA'S from the original anime are no longer with us Hirotaka Suzuoki voice of Bright Noa who died on August 6, 2006 and Yumi Shitsukawa voice of Sayla Mass who died on February 28, 2003. Now some of you are probably thinking what’s the big deal can't they just recast them. In short, yes they can but these two VA have been considered the defacto voices for the characters for over 30 years recasting them could cause some major anger among the fans if it’s not done right, granted I still think Sunrise already knows this and is looking for VA's with the closest possible voices to the originals as they can. Also to illustrate a point during Zeta Gundam Yumi Shitsukawa (Sayla Mass) was on Safari in Africa so they rewrote the story to take her character out and change some events because they didn't want to replace her voice actress.

Now with all that said and done I hope you all will give this new anime a chance and look forward to a hopefully episodic review of Gundam The Origin.

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