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otakunick reviews DR who franchise (the three doctors)

  hey guys i am back to give you another DR who review this time on a older DR who story DR who the three doctors but before that let me give you a little run down on how this is posable in DR who the doctor is from a race called the time lords now the time lords have a trait that alows them exstremly long life spans and that is they have 13 lives when a time lord dies he insted morphs into a new body and once all 13 lives have been used thats it they die for good(tho in sum cases sum time lords finds ways around that ) ofcorse this is just sum thing the creator came up with to exsplane why the DR was being played by sum one els but in the end it created sum nice storys and plot ponts 

not to the plot just like my waters of mars review this will be a complete over view so Thar will be spoilers

A superluminal signal is sent to Earth, carrying with it an unusual energy blob that seems intent on capturing the Third Doctor. In the meantime, the homeworld of theTime Lords is under siege, with all the power sustaining it being drained through a black hole. Trapped and desperate, the Time Lords do the unthinkable and break the First Law of Time, allowing the Doctor to aid himself by summoning his two previous incarnations from the past.
Unfortunately, the First Doctor is trapped in a time eddy, unable to fully materialize, and can only communicate via viewscreen, but the Second Doctor joins the Third in investigating the origins of the creature and the black hole, while UNIT headquarters faces an attack by the gel-like alien creatures.
The First Doctor deduces the black hole is a bridge between universes, and the other two Doctors allow the TARDIS to be swallowed up by the energy creature, which transports them, Dr Tyler, Jo Grant, Sergeant Benton and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart into an antimatter universe created by the legendary Time Lord Omega. Omega was a solar engineer who created the supernova that powers Time Lord civilization, but was considered killed in the explosion. In actuality, he had been transported to the antimatter universe, where his will and thought turned the formless matter into physicality. Trapped, due to the fact that his will is the only thing maintaining reality, he vowed revenge on the Time Lords who left him stranded.
It is clear that the exile has made Omega quite insane. Along with his revenge, he has summoned the Doctors here to take over the mental maintenance of the antimatter universe so he can escape. However, the Doctors discover that years of exposure to the corrosive effects of the black hole's singularity have destroyed Omega's physical body - he is trapped forever. Driven over the edge by this discovery, Omega now demands that the Doctors share his exile.
The Doctors escape briefly, and offer Omega a proposition. They will give him his freedom if they send the others back to the positive matter universe. Omega agrees, and when that is done, the Doctors offer Omega a force field generator containing the Second Doctor's recorder, which had fallen in it prior to the transport through the black hole. Omega knocks the generator over in a rage and the unconverted positive matter recorder falls out of the force field. When the recorder comes into contact with the antimatter universe, it annihilates everything in a flash, returning the Doctors in the TARDIS to the positive matter universe. The Third Doctor explains that death was the only freedom anyone could offer Omega.
With the power now restored to the Time Lords, they are able to send the First and Second Doctors back to their respective time periods. As a reward, the Time Lords give the Third Doctor a new dematerialization circuit for the TARDIS and restore his knowledge of how to travel through space and time.

now then as a fan of DR who in genarol i have to say i loved this story but at the same time i can say that if you hate old looking shows then this is not the DR who for you being that it aird from 12/30/1972-1/20/1973 and rely shows its age but for a show of its age it also looks good one thing that all the old DR who shows have in comen is that they never had a big bugit but still looked great now then with that sed i rely do think if you whant to get into DR who this is not the place to start youd get to cunfused so watch sum of the new DR who or sum of the older stuff get info and then watch this but at sum point make shore to watch it

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