Sunday, July 17, 2011

first thoughts on blood-c

hey guys i know this post is almost two weeks late but works had be by the balls recently and i have not been in the mood to type anything till now. but today i fell good and id think its about time i do a first thought on a new anime that came out this season. so without further adue hear are my thoughts on blood-c

i know i promised to do a review on blood the last vampire and blood+ before doing this. but i never got around to it but i will get around to it before the series is over so please be pashent with me.

the story of this new blood anime seems interesting enough Ukishima Shrine is located in an old, picturesque lakeside town. Shrine maiden Kisaragi Saya lives there along with her father, Tadayoshi. By day, she lives the life of a normal high school student at Sanbara Academy. By night, she hunts the Old Ones. Possessing supernatural physical prowess, the Old Ones prey on humans, and only Saya has the ability to defeat them. but the first ep rely did not do much for me
for the most part it was to show off the new saya witch is a massive divergent from the previous two the first of witch was emotionless and the second one being emo most of the time so i have to say its a nice change of pace to see this happy care free saya

the art was good iv always been a clamp fan so its not surprising that i liked the character designs and the animation was good but i don't give production I.G. points for that any more the music is always good but Sato, Naoki behind in charge that was going to be a given for thos that don't know him he was the composer for Eureka Seven and Heroic Age bolth of witch have great music

over all i have to say i will be continuing this anime as far as production quality, music, voice acting, and story is concerned this is a good anime and only personal preference shood keep you from watching it

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