Thursday, August 25, 2011

otakunick retro reviews (mugen no Ryvius )

hey guys its me again with all my free time i have now being a jobless bum i figerd why the hell not ceach up not only on the curent anime iv yet to watch but to go back and watch one iv been meening to see but never did well iv done just that by watching mugen no Ryvius a scifi anime from sunrise and directed by Taniguchi, Goro who was the Original Creator of code geass thow you would not know that just by watching the show in fact the only indastry big shot youl be abel to pin this on just by watching it would be the Character Designer Hirai, Hisashi who is best know for his work on gundam seed but he also did the Character Design for Kurogane no Linebarrels, Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor and Scryed all of witch are better shows then gundam seed in my personal opinion

but lets face it the Character Design is not what makes this show worth watching its the story The year is AD 2225. Kouji Aiba and Aoi Housen are serving as astronauts in-training in Liebe Delta which is located on the edge of the Geduld Sea. When saboteurs with unknown intents suddenly strike during a routine dive procedure, the space station plummets into the Geduld, a plasma field that links all the planets like a nervous system and crushes any ship that strays too far into it. With all the adults onboard killed, the young astronauts will have to survive this long journey home in midst of the growing tension amongst each other( and when i say tension i meen it). Meanwhile the organizers of the sabotage look on and prepare to attack once more. its this story and how the dialog flows that going to make you want to keep watching this show how these kids act is the most realistic out of all other shows with similar themes

the sound track is okay not my Favorite but it gets the job dune and the hip hop overtone of it rely helps lighten the mood on sum of the more depressing eps the op would have to be my Favorite score from the sound track it rely fits the show and lets you know just what its all rely about and oddly enough dos not sound haff bad translated ether

now i know iv been singing this shows parse but thare are sum down falls two and one of them would have to be the voice acting for the most part its okay but having a cast that litaraly 99% under the age of 18 makes for sum rely squeaky and annoying voices now i know it fits for the cast but still even i did not sound as nasoly as haff this kids at 16 and i know this is one of thos well anime is not made for the US and i know that but comon i know sum Japanese people and they never sounded like that ether

and the animation can be a bit slopy at times but from a show made in 1999 it looks good not the best but defiantly passably so over all i have to say this is a watch and if you like it a buy witch cunsitering you can get all 26 eps for less then 25$ thats not a bad deal ofcorse for me even thats to much lol well till next time see you guys

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