Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wow 2 years alredy

hey guys otakunick hear and today i will not be doing a review or anything like that today im just hear to thank all you who are ether just joining us hear at otakuhome or are avied readers for you new and cuntinued saport even tho you guys rarely speack out thank you

I never thought a blog i mad as part of a bissnes class project about viral advertising would evolve into a anime review site with a podcast(i am working on a new ep with my new free time shud be up soon) so hears to another year of me wasting my time watching anime and typing out reviews with little to no pocuwation lol also id like to start a mail bag segment on fucher eps of the podcast so guys please if you have questions any at all please email me at titled mail bag i will be checking it weekly and in every podcast we will read sum off and answer your questions

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