Monday, January 28, 2013

OtakuHome News: Pantax to release Evangelion themed camera

hey guys otaku nick her as sum of you may now I have about 3 major passions in my life anime, video games and photography so I have a rely good day when two of thows three come to geather. but what happens when one of the anime Im most passionet about Evangelion comes to geather with my other passion of photography well this acholy

The official website for the Evangelion anime franchise confirmed on Monday that Pentax is offering three special models of its Pentax Q10 digital cameras in Evangelion colors. Pre-orders began on Monday for the Evangelion models, each of which will have a limited run of 1,500.

the cameras that come with 12.4-megapixel sensors will go on sale in April in electronics, camera, and book stores throughout Japan, as well as in the official Evangelion store, the Animate chain, and online. The Pentax Ricoh Imaging booth at CP+ 2013, the largest camera and photography event in Asia, will put the cameras on display from Thursday to Sunday.

now sadly I will not have enuph to pre order one of the cameras thow I rely do whant one. I kinda need a good light camera. my D90 is great but boy dos it get havy lol. but hopfully sooner or latter one of these babby will fined thatre whay onto a action site and then to me lol.

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