Saturday, January 26, 2013

where Iv been all week

Hey guys Otakunick hear just giving you guys a bit of an update. First off yes Iv put the media player with the podcast back up I would have liked to have a new Ep up for you but its kinda hard to get my co-host to set aside sum time to record(but thats life). The other thing that has been eating up my time this week has been Tera Online sum of you may alredy know this but starting  February Tera Oline will be going free to play so in the meen time Iv made a trial account  to start to Lv with two of my friends that got the game at this point in time I Iv LVed 2 charers to Lv 18 first is my main a Elin archer and the second a aman berserker  the other I dont use as much so yea. We have even started a guild called the lost one so if your looking for a good MMORPG come play Tera Online and if you what join the lost ones on the PVP server of mount tyrannas.

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