Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Thoughts on Hanamaru Kindergarten

Honestly I did not expect to watch this show but while I was going through all the subbers comparing the quality of subs for each show this was one of those ones who only had on sub so I decided "Oh, what the hell, I'll just download this and watch it in between torrents." You can download Horriblesubs sub its pretty good honestly despite there name, Hanamaru Kindergarten (Hanamaru Youchien). Alright onto the actual review!
So it starts with the very basic "oh no the main character woke up late!" theme which is really overused but whatever. On the way to school he meets this little girl who was noticeably going to be the main character and from there it took the cute route. Seeing as I doubt you know this the Cute route is the way to make me love a show if you have cute characters doing uniquely cute things I'm going to at least like it but this show does it a bit better. The cast consists of
Tsuchida "Tsuchi" who is the teacher and main character I personally like his VA. Then there is Anzu she's the cute, energetic, and teach obsessed character her VA is good as well. There are Anzu's two Friends as well Koume who is cute, quite, and a kind of cry baby and from what I've seen of her VA i like her. Anzu's other friend is Hiiragi "Hii" she is the seemingly emotionless friend her VA is very good. The additional cast is are the other teachers Yamamoto, Kusano (my personal favorite adult so far), Kawashiro, and the Director other than that there is the Mother of Anzu who's name is Sakura the VA cast for secondary and supporting characters is pretty good as well.
The Art in Hanamaru Kindergarten is a pretty distinctive style it's a childish kind of shounen to the characters but everything else has this sort of light shoujo feel. The character's movements are smooth and detailed and facial expressions are very detailed... with the exception of Hii. There is one flaw though... scaling, the kindergartner's aren't even knee height to the adults... I don't know about you but my baby cousin is not 6 months old and he's roughly that big (roughly).
The sounds are pretty good they make it feel real by not exaggerating noises that people or things make so they are good. The music is good the bgm is good inside of the anime but it would be really bland outside of it because its supposed to be calm. The Ending is all that played and that was pretty good but once again not outside of it but this time because it sounds like little kids are singing it the animation for the ending is ok although weird.
Other than that I don't know what else to say besides I'm going to continue watching it because its funny, cute and slice of life and I'm kind of in the mood for that right now. 10/10(13 I'll explain my rating scale later)
P.S. The art after the ending and preview is what I posted with this review
If you liked Minami-ke and/or Kodomo no Jikan you'll probably like this because its like a combination of the two + a little Haruhi for the characters.

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