Wednesday, January 13, 2010

first thouts on durarara!!

well guys i think I gust fawnd the favret anime of the season durarara is the most uiniquc anime Iv seen of the season with a story odly remanisit of the headless horsemen(that is if the horsmen was rideing a motorcycle and insted of hunting down icabod he helped people) and its all brot to us by the makers of bugipop phantom to this day the only mind fuck anime i cant quite understand not to mention this anime has a camio from horo well atlest a cut out of her(side not the people that did bugipop also did spaice and wolf)

the animeation is great the chariters look abit flat and undefind but it acholy adds to the art durara also dus sumthing that I havint seen don well since bogipop and that the plack BG chariters thats right only sum hariters have fashol detals and color(outside of gray) sumthing as I sed i havint seen dune right since bugipop

the music relly cot me on this one from star to finish the OST sounded great Il probly DL it when its relesed and as for the type of music its a nice alternativ and rock type that relly fitst the mood of the anime

the voice acting in this is good to with the retern of the japanese voice od light from death note as one of the main chariters

over all durarara gets 9 web chat rooms out of 10


cloudsora said...

... please don't do that thing at the bottom again
but yeah Told you it was good didn't I

otakunick said...

screw that I like doing that