Wednesday, January 13, 2010

first thouts Ladies versus Butlers!

hey guys its me agin and well its another first thouts this time its ladies vs butlers and well this is acholy good dispite the premus of the show the furst ep had me holding my sides I dont think we will espect anything to great from it but for a time waster its a pretty fun watch and I needed a new take on the high school anime anyways

first up is the animeation well its pretty good thow more work whent into makeing the backgrownds look good then the chariters witch wher dune kinda lazoly and more then one chariter shar the same face but with difrent eye color and hair style and thar is one voice that relly dusint belong with its respectid chariter

speeking abowt the voices the VA work in this anime as as youd exspect from a run of the mill anime thar is sum VAs Iv seen in other anime including nagisas(clannad) Nakahara, Mai as one of the main girls and and melfinas Kawasumi, Ayako(outlaw star) as the second main girl the main guy in this anime seems to have yet to play any sugnifasent role and from his bio in MAL this seems to be the first time hes plad the main chariter

the music is pop(like we didint see that comeing) and workd well with the anime thow it dusint stand out by its self so I oodint go and look for the OST of it

over all I give this anime 7 drill pigtails to the ass out of 10

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