Wednesday, January 13, 2010

first thouts on saikon no qwaser

its good as you may alreddy now this is one of the animes that stud out to me on this seasons list of new anime and it has meet my exspectations and then sum

the story is dark but not to dark to have sum fun witch i like becuse i think evin in a darker toned anime you need sum light so you dont get a feeling of dread and the only other anime I can think of to compar it to in its tone is D-gray man (only seen 5 EPs of D-gray but I can get a grasp o the tone of an anime fast)

the animation is done nicely evrything flows nicely no jiters or anything but then agen this is looking to be one of the anime with the larget bugit (this and dance of the vampiers bund) so thars to be exspected

the VA work is dune nicely and one of the main girls Mafuyu Oribes VA Fujimura, Ayumi will also be playing Mineva Lao Zabi in the upcomeing gundam unicorn movie so Il be paying extra atenchun to her voice

the OST is this animes weekness aside from the OP and the ending the sound trak dusint relly stand out all that mutch and thars acholy alot of seens with no BGM at all that cud acholy benafet from sun but thats just my opinon

over all this anime gets 7 tit grops out of 10

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