Thursday, January 7, 2010

first thouts on Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

when I first saw on the roster for 2010 anime I thout heh souds like it cud be a fun watch like mabaraho and I was right it is a fun watch the first ep is a complet poler opaset to dance of the vampire bund(DVB) in tone music, chariter desine and colore palut

first off the musice is a up beat pop style of musice with sum rock type for sum of the fight seens and seens leding up to fights thow sum of the dialog dusint quite go with thous BGMs becuse of the storys over all camedic overtones but that was to be exspected

the art and colorer palut are just as up beet as the music with most of the backgrownds haveing a comic pontalisum feel to them witch in any other type of story wood feel out of place but I think it adds to the funny world this kids live in mutch like zetsabo senseis odd use of art but with more colors the chariters desine is nuthing seshol its just your avrig non realistic art style that we all seen mutch like mabaraho the chariters art loli or chibi just not super detaild witch for a serres of its type works

all in all i think this will be a fun show to watch its not grownd braking and will not define how comady anime will be dune but I worint it a watch with a 7 out of 10 and I think itl end up a 8 by the time its over but well see stay tune for my ferer thouts on the serres at its haffway pont


amu96 said...

hmmmmm... i think i might watch this anime soon.

otakunick said...

wow did one of my reviews acholy sway sumone to watch sumthing sweet