Friday, January 8, 2010

okay I squeld like alil girl thwn I read this story from japanator

That's right ladies and otaku, it seems that the mysterious power driving the Code Geass planning meeting has taken hold once more, announcing a new Geass for all lovers of CLAMP-designed noodle people to enjoy.

Unlike the shuriken-shooting Shikkoku no Renya manga project and the (thankfully fake) live-action film, this new Geass property is an animated one, and going by a low-resolution magazine scan, seemingly set in the original TV series' time period.

There's not much else to go on besides the exhortation that it will be a "BIG BANG ATTACK," and a "new birth," but I'm reasonably confident that much of what went on during the time period was explained. There weren't a lot of holes to be filled.

Personally I'd appreciate it if the backstory were filled in some more, like the origins of the Geass powers and why they're even around to begin with, but the pictures concentrate on Lelouch and Suzaku, so that seems like a relatively slim possibility.

What would you want to see out of a new Geass anime? A reboot? More trainwrecking? More Cornelia? Table-humping? Explanations of how Suzaku can wall-run, dodge bullets and do a flying quintuple spin-kick? I'm actually for all of the above.


amu96 said...

i cant wait. but what was that video in the about? was it the opening?

otakunick said...

no its just a random vid that japanator put with the artacol the persun that posted it sad sumthing abowt liking it to be the OP but in fact its just the yu yu jakashow OP with code geass charaters