Friday, January 8, 2010

first thouts on okamikushi

this is a Alternative setting to bolth higarashi and umineko so it safe to asum that this is another anime by ryukishi 07 and thar fore may have a simaler EP and arc set up as higarashi(by that I meen the repeting arc) manly becuse of how the begining of the first ep started with a larg forshadowing witch did not happen by the end of the ep so I perdict that it will be hapaing at the end of the arc witch in no meens a bad thing Im a big fan of 07 work I finished bolth higarashi(seasons 1,2 and the ova) and umineko witch have a simaler ep set up

the art is a step up from what iv seen in anime from this matriol evrything looks clean and crisp thow in the first EP thar was sum focus problums in action seens thow that cud be a gimic to highten the mood if thats it then yea it works if not its just anoying

the music is good aswell not a singol meody feels out of place and despite not being as dark as dance od the vampires bund its still a good lestion

i do have a grips with the main chariters desin he loos abit to girly for a highschool boy and now its not all the guys hes the only one that looks that way if thar wasint any zoomed out seens whar I cud see his hole body i wood swar the only way to tell hi was a guy wood to be hear him talk over all i gave this serres a 7 for its potenchol at this pont it can go ether way and get better or wers only time will tell but I have high hopes it pasably becuse of whar it comes from and parsholy becuse thar was so feww anime I thout wood be good this season so the last thing I wahnt its a droped anime

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