Sunday, January 31, 2010



lol sorry I cudint resist becuse of what Im reviewing to day and that wood be the tengen tapa guren lagann-hen moview thats right I got my hands on it thanks to thows wondafull guys at bullet speed subs and they did a great job on this the text fit the anime perfectly but you didint come hear to listion to me rant on abowt a suber you whant to know if the guren lagann movies werth watching

well it is if only for the new seens aside from thows its just a compalation movie that sadly has sum editing problums but that didint relly bather me becuse of the new seens witch as i sed are the main reson sumone will watch this becuse this movie is not for people that havint alreddy seen TTGL becuse the movie starts right at the f order)battol for tappiln(note this is the second moviehavint goten my hands on the first yet so the review will be out o arownd ep 19 or so and dus not exsplane whats happens befor so basickly this moview was make to make the ending evin more bad ass witch it did and the animetion was great dispite having sum editing problums witch all compalations movies have the animeations is clean and fluint and pushed my grafics cards limits witch can handol upwerds to 720p witch is what this movie is saposed to be at so over all tengen tapa guren lagann-hen gets 9 giga drill brakers out of 10

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