Monday, January 25, 2010

key anime review

I played with the idea of doing sumthing like this for a long time and Iv finaly desied to do it so let me just get sum stuff out thar first off I am a key fanboy witch is the resun i havint dun this sooner becuse how can I give a far and non biust review and be a fan boy but dispite that fact I will trie my hardest so lets get started Im going to put this in order of relese

first off is kanon 2002 I have to say this is keys werst anime its 13 eps witch is defanetly not anuph to tell kanons story and the are is probly the wers of the time i meen serusly Iv seen anime in the 90s and 80s with better animation but over all this is a good anime the story thow didint get anuph eps told the story and since this was thar first anime I can forgive the animation but givein the chos betwin this and its 2006 conterpart Id go with the 2006 vetion

next we have air witch came out in 2005 the first thing they inpruved from kanon 2002 was the animemation its still not the best animation of the year but defanetly an upgread from kanon thow the EP count is still to short 13 EPs agen witch isint anuph time to get atached to any chariters or evin give a shit abowt the story thow with its light ep cunt coms a light price this wood be a more economicly freandly boxset and with no better vetion out (as of yet) I cant find a resun not to buy it

now we have kanon 2006 this is the definativ vetion of kanon it fixis all the problums that the preveus vetion had the animetion thow like air not the best is leeps and bounds beond its 2002 conterpart and the EP cont has dubold from 13 to 26 alowing for you to relly get a feeling for the charitrs and story witch is geart becuse this is one of the 2 animes to make me cry and if I had the money for it id go out and but the box set right now

and finaly we com to what I cunsiter the best of all the key works and pasably my all time favret anime clannad this is going to be alil difrent becuse clannad unlike the others is separeted into two season clannad and clannad after story the first season clannad came out in 2007 and this was when I was first starting to fallow anime as they aird in japan I have to say at the time I didint think mutch of clannad becuse I was on a gar(manly anime) kick and Id yet to see manly romance anime so I stoped it arownd ep 20 but when my freand who was also a big anime fan told me that it got a second season I not only finished it but rewatched it completly rewatched it and this was in 2008 I acholy started rewatching it the day the 3erd EP of after story aird and this time I I was more familer with love storys and slice of life anime and my opinyon whent from why the hell am I watching this and whars the figting to dear god this story is great it relly hits me and right after I started to watch afterstory becuse I had to see what happend to the chariters and thows that have seen my clannad rant nows what happens and thows that havint Im not saying youl just have to watch it and find out I menchod herlyer that kanon 2006 was one of the 2 animes to acholy make me cry well afterstory is the other infact it mad me cry 3 time and not just alil misty eyes i meen balling serusly cry my eyes out snot driping crying the story and the chariters hit me that hard and to this day I still cry at thows seens not as bad but still hard sadly this anime hasint been relsed with a ENG dub and well we all now how good indastry subs are but I can tell you this the day this anime gets dubed it the day you see me on the news for streking in the streets in celabration (that is ofcorse if they got a good cast)

now thar are sum more stoof from key but this are the 4 main animes that wer relesed the other stuff thats out thar is a kanon OVA(baed off of the 2002 ver) a air movie(just a compalation movie) a clannad movie(a retelling of clannad with art closer to that of the game thow story not as clost to the game as he anime) and a side story from clannad (basicly tomoyos rout from the game) the resuns I didint review this are becuse I dont see them as inportent things in the key line manly becuse they dont relly do anything to advans thar respectiv storys in a sugnifasent way like kanon 2006 did for 2002 but thar all good in thar own ways and worint a watch

now your probly thinking this is all keys got well your wrong becus in Apr 2010 key will be puting out angel beats this is my most antisapated anime of the upcoming spring line up thow I have one mager problum with it the EP cont gos back to 13 witch is a mager sep backwerds from kanon 2006 and clannad witch bolth had log serres kanon 2006 with 26 and clannad with two seasons of 24 each I dont know mutch abowt the story thow so mabby it will work but im not geting my hops up

so in cunclutionI have to say if you whant a good love story that will make you cry thars no better company then key

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