Monday, February 1, 2010

dear good who ever thout this was a good idea shood be shoot in the head

thats right today I will be review quite pasably the wers squell ever made haruhi 2009 dear good I never was more discused with an anime in my life and the worst part is this anime go on the shit list becuse of 8 fucking eps thats right the natorus endless 8 witch had to been the werd idea in history or the bigist cop out in history I havint desied witch yet

ofcors its not all bad the animation quolaty is good and the va work is as good as the first season and the op them is nice sadly thats all that good about this sequel becus the storys shit they dont evin trie to move it forwerd and insted of tring for move haruhi and kyons relashinship along they deside to focus on the creation of te mikuro movie shown in ep0 of the origanol haruhi so infact this shudint hav been a seqell this shud have been a OVA and they shud have thown out the hole endless 8 and it cud have been gid
so haruhi 2009 1 byepoler bitch god out of 10 witch is sad becuse origanol harohi got 10 byepoler bitch gods out of 10

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cloudsora said...

Nick did you only just finish that?