Friday, February 5, 2010

why do i like lucky star so mutch?

this is a question I get asked alot online and well thar are sum resons beside that one of y favret female anime chariters is in it and its thows resuns Il primaraly be fucusing on in this post

first off it geard to people like me who can get most if not all the otaku refrinses in it like the EP whar konatas dad gos on a tangint abowt the difrins betwen UC and AU gundam anime or the time when konata askes kagami to get her the new lelouch manga and kagami had no clue what it was thow any one that watched or read it youd now konata was refering to the code geass manga

but its not just vag anime refinses that draws me to lucky star its also a varry good slice of life anime with a divers chriter roster with konata filling the role of the otaku, kagami being the levolheaded one, stukas being the cute idot and miyuki being the brainy yet moe one(thow thar all moe blobs) speeking of moe the art spends so mutch time makeing the chariters ovaly cute it hurts sumtimes I myself wood like to see how the lucky star grls wood look if they wer drawn in less of a chibi type desine and more realistic (thow that just me)

so now that you know sum of the driving facters why i like lucky star so mutch duse it still seem to you that i only watch it for konata or can you see my love for the anime is that love for the anime if not then that okay becuse yes besides thows resuns I watched lucky star manly for konata and her hijics can you plame me I meen relly can you shes my anime conterpart right down to the green eyes (thow Im a guy) and when you can idenafy with a cariter you cant just not like a anime and it dusint hurt that in abowt 20 years Im gana be konatas dad

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