Tuesday, February 9, 2010

well its that time agen

thats right the spring line up is hear and this season is shaping up to be far better then the winter line up with a masiv amont no new anime wand only acopel sequels I myself will be waching 23 things on this line up (thats cmbinding serres,OVAs and movies) and if your whandering what reviews youl be seeing next season hears a list of evrything Il be watching

1 angel beats(its key what do you exspect)
2 arakaw under the bridge
3 senkou no night raid
4 ikkitousen(yes thars a 4th season)
5 B gata H kei (exspect a rant to be mad abowt this varry soon)
6 k-on season2
7 working
8 ichiban ushiro no dai maon
9 hakuo ki : shinsengumi kitan
10 saraiy goyou
11 kissXsis (the anime)
12 kissXsis(ova vol 3)
13 kaicho wa maid-sama
14 broken blade
15 ahiki
16 umi monogatari
17 gundam unicorn
18 aniarashiki no juuni-tachi
19 trigun badlands rumbel
20 votoms(gota watch the other votoms anime)
21 tails of symphonia
22street fighter
23 SD gundam sangokuden

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