Thursday, June 17, 2010

And now for something completely different...

At this point your thinking: "Nick going on a hiatus!? Something Completely different!? Won't do any good!? Heard it before!? 11 times!?! (lol spongebob)

But before you go and double-check if your on Otaku Home allow me to assure you that you indeed are at Nick's Otaku Home Blog.

But where are my manners? Greetings to you! From the loyal followers to the "I accidentally found this place, lol what is it?" allow me to introduce myself. I am Aareate..or erm "Rich" if that is too hard to pronounce. It really isn't though, think of "R-8" and say that out loud or imagine someone with a Boston accent saying "R-8" which makes more sense seeing that I am from the Boston area.

But I digress...
Now at this point your probably wondering: "Who the hell is this smuck?"

Wellllll, I'm a good friend of Nick and went to high school with him. And I've been asked to help contribute to his blog (read: asked a looong time ago and only now doing a first post). Now I've never done anything like a blog before and I'm not as savvy in the Anime Industry as my other blog-mates here. And seeing that I'd rather not just copypasta news stories from other sites here I figured I'd do what I know I can do. Review Gunpla Models!!!

I've got quite the reputation among my friends every Anime Boston to go and buy a ton of Gundam models and blow hundreds upon hundreds every year. So within the next few weeks (read: the next time im at my fathers :) ) I'll begin putting up reviews for my Gundam Model collection. I'll have many pictures showing the models in poses and such and give opinions about parts that gave me a headache and things i like about the models.
So stay tuned for more posts by me starting with a review of the 2 Pack 1/144 HGUC Char Azbable Rick Dom and G-3 Gundam!!!


otakunick said...

wow youv finaly posted sumthing gess Il do the same wih my MG G4 gundam

Aareate said...

I was also expecting you to be on a longer hiatus but hey, whatever works. ill get crackin on that stuff next time im in seabrook.

otakunick said...

lol so did but I never can stay away from this place