Monday, October 18, 2010

this macross is far from a zero

yep another macross review and odly anuph I thout Id be doing this one be for macross 2 but I ges not now lets get right into it macross zero is a prequel to the original macross that also alludes to being tied in with macross F your probably wondering what I meen well thou evry macross in the franchise are caneted sum are caneted more then others like origanol and 7 it being a derect sequel to SDF but with zero I was saprised to see the conection to F witch takes place so mutch farther in the time line and now Im not talking about the fact that the anti-UN forces valcorys look like the VF-28 lusafer but sumthing els that youd relly only get if you whatech bolth zero and F but now onto the story

Taking place one year before the Zentraedi arrive on Earth, Macross Zero chronicles the final days of the war between the U.N. Spacy and anti-U.N. factions. After being shot down by the anti-U.N.'s newest fighter plane, ace pilot Shin Kudo finds himself on the remote island of Mayan, where technology is almost non-existent. While Shin stays on the island to heal his wounds, the tranqulity of the island is shattered by a battle that involves the UN's newest fighter - the VF-0.

by itself I not shore if it stands on its own two legs they way the cast talk about serten things make me feel that youd be better off watching this after you whatch SDF macross or macross DYRL(the movie ver) then go back watching this that way youl know all this info like fold and protocolcuer but as a addetion to the franchuse its relly good I love seeing roy again but this time a little yunger and a little more green around the color

and since wer on the subject of the cast lets get into them I love the cast for the most part thars relly only one cast member that anoys me granted I still like her but she cud have been alil less of a bitch and her name is sara nome one of the leding girls and the reson she anoys me so mutch is becuse shes one of thows tech is the devil type of people backwords its anoying granted I love nacher I love being outside and yes I can see the harm that tech duse to it but that dusint meen that all tech is evil witch is the rut the deracter seemed to go with the story other then that one little problem I like sara as a cast member her modivs thow a bit exstreem at times are well grounded and have reson behind them and her singing voice is great but then agen its a macross anime atlest one cast member is going to be great at singing

becuse without music thar woodint be macross and this one dus not desapont thow thar is a lack of a OP the OST is rely good all the music fits perfectly and sound great by it self espasholy my favret song sung by sara odly anuph I think its laten Im not relly shore but it sounds great

and ofcorse macross zero dusint just sounds great but looks great with a mix of bolth hand drown and CG art this is great to watch in HD and the dog fights are amazingly coreagrafed no sotck animation thow being a 5 EP OVA probly contributs to that as a reson

over all this is a must watch for any macross fan and a highly recamended for the mecha fan thow atlest watch origanol SDF macross first so macross zero gets 10 kaduns out of 10

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